Theater workshop

One day, war will be over and I will come back to my poetry

Animateur : Mohammad IMANIFULADI

The purpose

This workshop aims at creating a performance showing that war concerns us all, inhabitants of countries at war, refugees, inhabitants of welcoming countries, and so on. Each participant will imagine a character on the road of a Syrian ma, or woman…

Describing the workshop :

Every armed conflict has worldwide aftereffects. Right now, war in Syria is the one generating the more damages, according to us. War kills civilians, forcing them to leave their original country and ask for asylum in on another country.

Syria as an exemple shows us on to what extent the experience of war is universal. Far from concerning not only the people coming from war countries, it does not know geographical nor temporal barriers. This war consequences do not concern only Syrians, but also the inhabitants of countries welcoming refugiees.

In this workshop, everyone becomes a character who will share one or several moments of the life of an inhabitant from a country at war …

Participants will write and play the story they wrote (plays) and will share their experience of war, whether they are Syrians, Irakis, Afghans, French, or else.

This workshop is a documentary theater workshop. Participants write and assemble themselves their own story out of a document about war in Syria. Each story becomes a theatre episode, under the stage direction of the playwright leading this workshop.

At the end of this workshop, we will organize a performance based on all the episodes created by the participants.

General conditions

This workshop is open to everyone : theater students, musicians, immigrants, refugees, war victims, people from the welcoming country, all artists, all activists, ...

Participants commit themselves to get involved in all sessions, in order to maintain the consistency and continuity of the workshop. We will also get volunteers involved in the making of the performance with costumes, stage setting, music, lights, and so on.

Our non-governemental organization aims at promoting theatre, through different ways:

- organizing and developing workshops, gatherings, conferences, festivals,

- producing and promoting shows

- administrating a theater company.